• Festival atmosphere on the ice rink of Pomáz

    Fortunately today only the winds of change were blowing on Szent István square in Pomáz. Finally we can enjoy iceskating on the temporary ice rink installed on the square. Whether we are kids or adults this is the place to spend some recreational time alone or with the family. I heard about the rink in the news therefore I checked in Photopills (one of my favourite photographer apps) the time of the blue hour and waited for the moment to happen. Afterwards I took my camera and all the equipment to make a spherical panorama and shared the feeling with you. I think I made it quite well and I could give a realistic sense of the place, nevertheless the smell of “Kürtőskalács” could not be attached to it. There is no good Hungarian translation for this pastry specialty so you better check out if you missed it. For the real taste I propose to visit the place as soon as you can.

  • The best viewpoint of the town.

    The view from Kő-hegy is my favourite. No matter how fast I run here I always take a little pause to enjoy the landscape.

  • The pearl of Pomáz

    This beauty of the town could not be kept in secret anymore, therefore in the very last minute before autumn almost left us, I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

  • Sunrise in Trinidad

    It wasn’t difficult to wake up early since the local bakery was selling the freshly baked goods on the street accompanied by strong yelling.

  • Wonderland with a lonely stone

    This place is my home and I will return whenever I will have time to this Transilvanian mountain.