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My main areas of activity are photography of 360 panoramas, creation of virtual tours, furthermore I make 3D object photos.

Why and for whom is recommended?

During these modern days when mobile phones and internet is available for almost everbody pople tend to buy products and services online. They do this when they have trust towards the seller. If one photo worth thousand words, a 360 spherical panorama worth ten thousand. In this latter case people don’t just look at the photo but they interact with the panorama.

In case of a good webshop it is important to be a reliable one. First of all we want to be sure that we receive the ordered goods. On the other hand, from buyer point of view satisfaction is guaranteed if the products look, feel, work as expected. From seller point of view, besides sharing a detailed description about the product is essential to attach quality photos to the products and services. In case there are available 3D object photos where the product can be examined from almost any angle it will help the buyer to make decisions easier. The same applies for services. Besides photos it is possible to showcase the place and give a realistic sense by using 360 spherical panoramas and virtual tours. Buyer can be guided virtually from the street, inside of the facility and attract to visit the physical location.

Below you will find a list about areas where a quality virtual tour with 360 spherical panoramas, from case to case combined with 3D object photos can supply the buyer with additional information and attract more buyers to the seller.

room in 360 panorama
Virtual tours allow you to increase enquiries. Customers can explore your place in 3D with interactive hotspots to reveal details.


show your playhouse in spherical panoramas
Show your environment and game variety with a virtual tour to make them spend their family time or special occasions at your playhouse.


360 panoramas of library, university, church
Showcase your library, university campus, school, church, medical facilitiy, etc. to captivate, engage and convert prospective customers.

Public buildings

familiar restaurant in 360 panorama
Would you like a reservation near the window or on the terrace? A new guest can be familiar with the place in advance.


shop online in virtual tour
People love to shop online. They can locate your shop before they visit on Google map and even have a little look at the merchandise on offer.


museum virtual tour and 3D objects
Attract more visitors to you phisical location and make them to add you to their bucket list. Educate and entertain anytime and anywhere.


real estate virtual tour
A virtual tour can speed up the rental or selling process. It can give potential buyers a realistic sence of the look and feel of the property.

Real estate

virtual tour of a gym
Boost your online sales. People can get a real feel of the gym before they commit to membership.

Fitness studios

theatre spherical panorama
Promote your place and provide unique experience to your guests. Let them know exactly the viewpoint when they buy the ticket eg. in the 16th row, seat no.4.


Workflow of panoramas, virtual tours and 3D object photo creation

contact by phone or email

Please contact me to discuss the details, the humber and tyope of photos you require and the way you would like to display them (resolution of the photos, control menus, interactive elements, background music, videos to embed, maps and other information included inside the panorama. Clik here for examples.

spherical panorama photography

On site I will make the photos with the correct color and exposure in HDR quality (click on the HDR to see an example). Standard photos the image can have over or underexposed areas containing no information. To avoid this situation I make several photos with different exposures and join them in a special software so that the final image contains all the details.

virtual tours

Postprocessing of images follows and images will be stitched into panoramas. When there are more than one panoramas on request I can prepare a virtual tour. I will transfer the deliverables through cloud storage in differents to be able to embed them into a website, Google Street View or Facebook.